Market Day – March 2018

Market Days

Here at Kuppajo Espresso Bar, we encourage peer support of the community through several internal initiatives.

One of the most popular initiatives we welcome involves having small vendors come to the Cafe, and display their products to sell, advertise, and promote within the community.

We’ve recently wrapped up our March Market day, and want to give readers a little information on last months vendors! Our March Market day included vendors from Old Soap Company, doTerra, Cherapie’s Wonderworld, and Amandatomical Art (formerly Queen Diamond Designs).


Old Soul Soap Company
One of the most recognizable brands in Sudbury, Old Soap Company has been a patron of our Market Days over a year. Old Soul Soap Co. provides handmade soap for men, woman, and children.

The soap itself is made in Hanmer with natural scents and provides
top-notch quality for anyone looking for local products.

For more information visit their website here:



With branches all over Canada and the rest of the world, doTERRA is a company that focuses on essential oils, personal care, supplements, accessories and more. Since 2008, doTERRA has strived to provide therapeutic grade essential oils to the world, and have since introduced several lines, packages, and even literature.

For more, check them out here:


Cherapie’s Wonderworld:

Sister of the hardworking participant of doTERRA, Cherapie’s Wonderland provides homemade jewelry and accessories. Products such as Necklaces, Keychains, and Bracelets made right from scratch and holds unbelievable creativity!

Check out her Instagram here:



Amandatomical Art (formerly Queen Diamond Designs):

One of the initial Market Day participants, Amandatomical Art wants to bring cleverness to the table. From Sudbury, Ontario, Amandatomical Art focuses on anatomically correct designs with a clever spin.

On top of custom orders, you can find more on her work here:




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