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Kuppajo wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedicated work of our team members. Single-handedly, the clever coffee drippers at Kuppajo upholds our Cafe’s heart to heart appeal, while also providing steady positive service to the everyday patrons, passerby, and community members.

Recently, our bean blog editor sat down with some of our baristas, Dustin, Echo, and Sabrina to get an inside look at the environment within our humble Cafe, and what makes the Cafe it is today.


“So, tell me about yourself! Who is Dustin?”
“Well, Dustin is a creator! I play music, record myself, drummer, I’m a bit of a guitarist, play some piano and I love to sing. I also read lots! I got a huge bookshelf, books on books on books.”

“How long have you worked here?”
“I started in November of 2017, so I’m fairly new.”

“What attracted you to Kuppajo?”
“Well, I’d say the vibes. My sister, who comes here all the time, once said ‘hey Dustin, you need come here, it’s such a cool place, and they’re even hiring!’, so I started coming here and noticed the vibes and the people who make that vibe. I find it’s just such an attractive spot, people love coming here, and so do I.”

“Any funny stories for us?” 
“There’s a lot of funny moments behind the scenes. People making jokes, or just things that happen. It’s always fun when we have ongoing jokes with customers who come in regularly.

“So you find Kuppajo has its own type of culture?”
“Definitely. Kuppajo for sure is its own culture.”



“Tell me about yourself!”
“Well, my name is Sabrina Guillet, I’m 22, and I’ve been working at Kuppajo for almost two years now!”

“Oh! So you’ve been here right from the start!”
“Yeah! I was here when we were celebrating the one year, which was definitely a big thing for us. It was filled with lots of people, lots of good community, and really good staff. I even remember when we started from a really small Cafe to what it is now, expanding our locations, menu, and our clientele.”

“So what do you do outside the Cafe?”
“I’m a student at Cambrian! I’m in the pre-health program, and I really want to head into nursing. I’m mainly working on projects at the college in my spare time, and if not I’m most likely sleeping!”

“What attracted you to Kuppajo?”
“I was living in Ottawa at the time Kuppajo opened, and I recently moved back to Sudbury. I’ve been gone for three years, and I see this cute little Cafe downtown. At that moment, I instantly realize how much our downtown has grown. I went inside to see if they were hiring and I was welcomed with a rustic vibe and the team seemed like a great community to work for!”

Any funny stories?”
“I remember once, I was running on two hours of sleep, and it was during one of our market days in the summertime. I was making some drink for some regulars, and I knew the order, but instead of frothing and putting espresso in the cup, I just put their flavour shots and handed them the empty cup instead! They still never let me live it down to this day.

Kuppajo is definitely a place to check out. Even if it’s just to do some homework, I definitely see the vibes Kuppajo has to offer. 


“Tell me about yourself, what you do in your spare time!”
“I’m Echo! I love to read, create art, do yoga, and further myself as a person!”

“So what attracted you to the barista life?”
“I love to meet new people.”

“So is that what attracted you to Kuppajo?”
“Oh for sure! And the fact it’s in the heart of the downtown area. I’ve always loved the downtown scene.”

“I can’t believe how much downtown has grown!”
“Oh for sure! The art scene, the businesses, it’s all just amazing. I love it so much. It’s amazing.”

“How long have you worked here?”
“8 Months!”

“Anything about behind the scenes?”
“There’s a lot of funny things that happen here because we all get along so well. We all have a really good connection. It’s really special to work here because everyone has a large sense of closeness. You feel like you can talk to anyone, and there is definitely a family element when working here.”

“I really love all the regulars, love getting to know them, seeing their smiling faces, and trying to brighten others!”

Dylan Baron
the Bean Blogger

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  1. Your team rocks!
    Happy to have a place to go downtown that has so much to offer the community.
    Great work!

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