Caring Luncheon – May 2018

Our Café believes caring for the community is as important as sugar in coffee, and caring is one of the main reasons we strive to provide community initiatives like Caring Luncheons, Suspended Coffee, and monthly Market Days.

The Caring Luncheon has been a staple at Kuppajo since the Café opened and has been an important initiative we hold close to our values. Our luncheon is geared toward showcasing the importance of community, while also providing necessary items and food for those in need.

“It’s very important, especially in the downtown area” – Deresa Chiong 

On Wednesday, May 16th, Kuppajo partnered with Black Sheep, Damien’s Way, First Choice Haircutters and Reseau Access to host the first Caring Luncheon of 2018, and couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. This year, through dedicated local community initiatives, Kuppajo was able to feature haircuts, food, and clothing to anyone looking for a haircut, or snazzy new outfit.

“I’ve definitely noticed a difference (within the downtown area) with the shops going up, and several initiatives like this. The small acts of kindness just make anyone’s day brighter!”Sidney Cassidy

The energy was in the air before the lunch even started, there was nothing but happy faces as many gathered outside Kuppajo. The smiles continued as many lined up to get a new style from Terie Senecal, (pictured right), and given a chance to grab a new outfit (thanks to our dedicated community members).

After a fresh cut and new style, attendees were then given the ability to grab a bite to eat, as Kuppajo and Damien’s Way offered coffee, sandwiches, water, and juice.

“It helps build the community, makes it stronger, and brings everyone together” – Jesse Pedneault

As the afternoon carried on, the cafe’s patio was full of sunshine, laughter, and conversations about the importance of community projects such as the Caring Luncheon. We even had a few furry friends! (pictured left). Tables were cleared, bins became empty, and everyone felt together. A success.

Before we draw an end our first Caring Luncheon of the year, Kuppajo Espresso Bar would quickly like to thank everyone who contributed.

“Without generous donations from Damien’s Way, Black Sheep, First Choice Haircutters, and goods from the kind-hearted people of our community, the Caring Luncheon wouldn’t be able to achieve what it has today.”  – Kuppajo Espresso Bar

Check out how the day went, below!

Dylan Baron
The Bean Blogger

3 thoughts on “Caring Luncheon – May 2018

  1. Thank you Kuppajo for all that you do in the community! Damien’s Way loves being apart of such an amazing day and helping make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. We look forward to working with you and the others again ❤

  2. Another great afternoon of blessing others – and the wind kept us cool! Thanks for all you do in the community and for your spirit of inclusion ❤️
    Looking forward to the next outreach date.

  3. Another fantastic day of blessing others – and that crazy wind kept us cool.
    Thanks for all you do in the community and for your spirit of inclusion ❤️
    Looking forward to the next outreach date.

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