Market Day – October, 2018

We. Are. Back. 

After a lengthy (and very humid) summer, we are back with our monthly Market Days! As many of our readers and regular Kuppajo advocates know, we strive to provide a once a month opportunity for local vendors and artisans to sell and showcase every item they’ve worked hard on.

This month, we had a wide variety of vendors. From jewellery, crystals, and custom terrariums, Kuppajo was most certainly, it’s own small human terrarium.  We even had entertainment from the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra!

Twig & Toadstool

One of the original pioneers of our Market Day, Amy, has been attending our Market Days since the dawn of the coffee bean. Twig & Toadstool began as a small art project for owner Amy and quickly became a positive hobby.
From adorable mushroom necklaces to a living and breathing terrarium, every forest dweller would feel right at home with Twig & Toadstool.

Katie’s Kickass Crystals Jewellery
The description is in the name, kickass. Katie’s Kickass Crystals consists of custom jewellery made from crystals. Katie’s Kickass Crystals delivers necklaces, earrings, bracelets with the healing powers of crystals. It’s every cave divers dream. Make sure to catch her at our upcoming Market Days!

Clusiau Custom Jewellery
Custom is the name of the game. This vendor specializes in the creating rings from coins! Yes, you read that right. From coins! How cool is that?!

Artistic, versatile, and admittedly, quite interesting, Clusiau Custom Jewellery has a wide collection of jewellery that can be great for any friend or family member.

Check out the photos from our Market Day below! 

Are you interested in becoming a vendor or attending our market day? 
Send an email to and we will be happy to add you to the next Market Day! 


Dylan Baron
the Bean Blogger


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