the good morning

boiled egg, toast, and fresh fruit.

breakfast sandwich

english muffin, egg, green onion frittata,
spinach, and chipotle mayo.

prosciutto breakfast sandwich

english muffin, egg, green onion frittata, prosciutto,
tomato, spinach, and chipotle mayo.

the veggie breakfast bagel

bagel, cheese, tomato, sweet onion,
alfalfa sprouts, and mayo.

smoked salmon

smoked salmon, cream cheese,
fresh dill, and capers served on a bagel.



fresh fruit salad

classic sandwiches

egg salad

light rye, grated boiled egg, green onion,
mayo, and spinach

chicken salad

diced chicken, tomatoes, green onions, mayo, and spinach

toasted tomato

light rye, tomato, spinach, havarti cheese, and mayo.

the picnic

light rye, chicken, cheese mix, tomato, spinach, and cranberry mayo.

panini pressed sandwiches

chicken time

panini bun, bbq sauce, gouda, cheese, chips,
chicken, tomato, red onions, and spinach.


panini bun, pesto mayo, chicken,
prosciutto, tomato, and alfalfa sprouts.

the veg

panini bun, homemade garlic, hummus,
tomato, cucumber, sweet onions,
and alfalfa sprouts.

the greens

spinach salad

spinach, sweet onion, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries,
shaved almonds, and poppyseed dressing.

skinny caesar salad

kale, parmesan cheese, avocado,
boiled egg, and homemade croutons
tossed in homemade ceasar dressing.

house salad

spinach, kale, corn, tomatoes,
red onion, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts,
and balsamic dressing.

grilled cheeses

the margherita

light rye, marinara, havarti,
tomato, and fresh basil.

the peter piper

light rye, a mixture of cheese,
tomato, and sweet onion.

the classic

light rye, and a mixture of cheese

the chipotle grill

light rye, chipotle, cheese mix,
tomato, and sweet onion